B2B Video Production

Providing the right content to the right buyers at the right point in the buying funnel is crucial for B2B sales strategies. B2B Video and b2b video marketing are an invaluable tools for supporting business and corporate communications tactics, where clarity and information are key. We work with B2B teams to present their messages in a fresh and entertaining way that is impactful and addresses buyer concerns and questions.

Our approach

Reputations matter, and even for B2B companies the reality is that ‘people buy from people’. Properly produced b2b video production and b2b video marketing provides countless opportunities to capture and promote the internal spokespeople in an organisation for thought leadership in their area of expertise.

In B2B, positioning is crucial and conversion is often a long-term proposition. Content marketing teams need to provide regular and useful content in order to nurture relationships in target markets; ultimately engaging audiences and winning business.
B2B projects often have many stakeholders and complementary purposes. At One Productions, we know how to maximise video to support B2B business goals and we understand how to plan video content so that it is multipurpose and fits into segmented, planned releases.

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Who we’ve worked with

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A sample of our work

Gráinne McMenamin from JCDecaux says:

“The finished product is of excellent quality, and it was used very successfully in our launch campaign, helping us to secure orders with our target audience”

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