Mixed Dry Recyclables Plant - Promotional Video

The Challenge

Engineering company, Turmec, pitched to three companies for branding and design for print and web services. Based on our strong portfolio of work, we won the contract and we’re given the chance to refresh the company’s brand and roll it out across their marketing collateral.

The Solution

One Productions were hired to produce a video showcasing how Mixed dry recyclables recovery has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with the main focus in mind on diversion from landfill. Turmec are constantly evolving to move with the change in the waste streams and are continuously investing in R&D of new ways to process waste. They design and build plants dealing with various tonnages of Mixed Dry Recyclables, offering simple, innovative solutions that cater for all of our client’s needs.

The Results

One Production made a video of Turmec’s innovative designs, integrating advanced sorting equipment from Europe’s leading suppliers ensures a high quality separation process with minimal labour input.

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