B2C Video Production

Consumer marketing is fast-paced, competitive and constantly evolving. With customers bombarded by marketing messages 24/7, the need to stand out from the crowd has never been greater. B2C marketing needs to instantly engage, and what better way to do that than through video? At One Productions, we have mastered the art of simultaneously informing and entertaining your audience whilst promoting and positioning your brand.

Our approach

For B2C businesses, grabbing the attention of potential clients is a big challenge. Getting your brand noticed is crucial, there is a very small window of opportunity during which to engage and convert that person.

For these B2C situations, a different type of video is required. This is where our PIPE process (Persuade, Inform, Position, Entertain) can really deliver results, as video is by far the most effective medium on social media. From the production of just one video, you can benefit from a range of ready-made content types to help you connect with your target audience online: stills, text, audio, video.

B2C video production projects move quickly. They are often part of a wider campaign, with certain unmovable variables, strict release dates and predefined objectives. With our extensive expertise in this area, One Productions is able to bring the support needed to B2C campaigns – with B2C Video Marketing – creating fresh, effective messaging that delivers cut-through for your brand where it matters.

We consistently produce creative approaches in response to a brief. We work with B2C teams to put the best talent, locations, images and imagery in front of the camera and win hearts and minds in a fast-moving and hyper-competitive landscape.

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Who we’ve worked with

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A sample of our work

Lisa Fitzsimons from Guinness says:

“One's ability to come up with creative, cost-efficient and practical solutions has always been impressive.”

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