Gala Supermarkets - TV Ads & Video Production

The Challenge

Gala retail services are Ireland’s fastest growing retail group, with over  200 stores nationwide in the competitive convenience store market.  When they wanted their first TV ads, they came to One Productions who used  a cast taken almost entirely from Gala staff to produce two visually-striking but  cost-effective TV commercials.

The Solution

Gala staff and family members were auditioned around the country for the scenario roles, and the Ad shot over 2 days. All amateur “real-people” performers were used in the commercial.

The Ad was designed to compete in quality and impact with sector leaders Centra and Spar, while bringing in the ad at a fraction of their production budgets.

The Results

One Productions devised, shot, edited and post-produced a series of ads for gala supermarkets. Without any ad agency involvement, One Productions devised the ads in conjunction with the client to best maximize the resources and budget available.

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