Aer Lingus - April Fool's Viral Video. Video Marketing on launch.

The Challenge

Aer Lingus had an ambitious idea to help promote the Aer Lingus International Hurling Festival. They wanted to create a viral April Fool’s video to not only promote the event, but to entertain their customers and create brand awareness.

The Solution

Well-versed in the ways of viral videos, One Production created several concepts for the video before deciding on creating a mock infomercial-style video. It showed Aer Lingus injecting a dose Irish-ness into their new procedures, including using a hurley to serve snacks!

The Results

After an intense round of promotion and distribution leading up to April Fool’s day, the clip was picked up by Buzzfeed and rated in the top 10 April Fool’s virals. The  clip received 70,000 views in one day.

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