It’s the eleventh week in our blog series ‘Use YouTube to your advantage: A Marketing Manual’ and this post covers everything you need to know about integrating Google+ and YouTube to increase  the social reach of your YouTube videos and enhance your Google experience.

Your brand may be successfully producing video content and engaging with viewers on YouTube but did you know that connecting your channel with Google+  will significantly benefit your video marketing strategy? Google+ features help you to improve the discoverability of your YouTube content, engage with your audience in new ways, and also extend the reach of your channel.


We’ve outlined the incredible  benefits of connecting your YouTube and Google+ accounts:


1. Maximum Content Visibility

When your YouTube and Google+ accounts are connected, videos from your channel are promoted on your Google+ page which maximizes the visibility of your content. Your uploads to YouTube can be automatically shared to your Google+ page either publicly or privately, if you only want to reach specific followers or circles. This saves  time and effort of posting and sharing a new video.


shutterstock_3263427772. Automatic Updating Of Your Google+ “YouTube Tab”

Your Google+ page features a YouTube tab.  By linking your account to your YouTube channel, your videos will automatically populate this tab, making them easily accessible to your Google+ followers.


3. Access To “Top Fans” Feature

Google+ Top Fans feature provides users with information about their YouTube audience and allows them to interact directly with their most engaged viewers. This feature is only available to those who have connected their YouTube and Google+ accounts.


4. Google+ Hangout Technology

Once you have linked your accounts, your YouTube channel will have access to Google+ Hangout technology, which allows you to hold free live streams and video chats. These Hangouts are an amazing way to engage with audiences and promote your brand as they can be recorded and posted to your channel for anyone who missed out on the live event.


5. Even More Followers

If your Google accounts are streamlined, your YouTube subscribers will discover and follow your Google+ page. Likewise, your Google+ followers can view and subscribe to your YouTube channel. This results in a wider audience on both platforms which means a larger and more successful brand as a whole.


6. Multi-User Channel Management

Finally, if your YouTube channel is linked to a Google+ page it can be managed by multiple users without the sharing of passwords. As long as users are listed as managers of the linked Google+ page, they can control the content of your brand’s YouTube channel, making life so much easier for the team involved.

Make sure to check out next week’s post  which is the last in the series on YouTube marketing. We’ll be taking a close look at how to measure the success of your video  marketing strategy.

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