Anybody born in the post World War II era is generally regarded as being a Baby Boomer. They have lived to see there LPs convert to cds which again transferred onto minidiscs, mp3’s and   iPods. Basically, in terms of video and media, they’ve been through a lot over the past few decades. To celebrate these individuals, we have developed an Infographic that looks at a digital day in the life of a Boomer.

Baby boomers were the last generation to adopt new media into their day-to-day lives. They have been forced to keep up with the ever changing media landscape (some less happy about that than others). However, the majority of these Boomers have managed to roll with the change as the best they can.

Things like tablets and laptops are seen as more work related tools, rather than entertainment formats. There also tends to be quite a large divide between the ways in which Baby Boomers view online and offline platforms. For instance, TV shows and films remain largely on their television sets, while newspapers are still preferred in their physical form. While the BabyB’s do use social media to keep in touch with friends and family, they are still more comfortable with the traditional mediums, such as TV, video players and radio. For more details on the digital day of the Golden Boomers, check out our new Infographic!

Video Production Baby Boomer

So all in all, it looks as if the Babyboomers are pretty content with much of what the traditional media has to offer. Now, this doesn’t mean that they shy away from the new digital media at all. They may just come from the rationale that if it ain’t broke, then why fix it.

Digital Day Profiles:

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