Generation X (a.k.a. Slackers, Why Me Generation or the Latchkey Generation) refers to people who were born in and around the 1960’s to 1980’s. They were the next generation to follow after the Baby Boomers of post World War II fame. They are also the generation to have the full force of the new media revolution to hit them in their prime. They are responsible for the rise in personal computers and lay claim a number of the Nineties internet stars. To celebrate these champions of digital media, we have developed an Infographic that looks at how today’s Generation Xer’s consume media on a daily basis.

While this generation has embraced the new media more so than the baby boomers, they still were raised with a strong offline sensibility. A sensibility that is still present in their daily routines. TV for example is still a large part of their evening media consumption. However, gradually, GenX are starting to find value in the utilization of the other channels of digital media.
For more details on the day-to-day media consumption of Generation X, check out our latest Infographic below!

Generation X Infographic

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