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Property Claims Direct – web design and marketing

Property Claims Direct approached One Productions to refresh their web design and brand strategy, and to roll out an integrated marketing campaign that would recapture their market share in the insurance loss assessor sector.

One Productions devised and ran a radio, press and golden pages campaign for Property Claims Direct. We came up with the image, look and feel; new tagline “we make it easier”; radio voice-over talent, musical jingle and special effects for the campaign. We also incorporated the message that Property Claims Direct was the first insurance company in its market to own the mindshare in this category. This was achieved using bold graphics and imagery in the web design, tied to its simple, memorable message.

Established in September 2001, Property Claims Direct evolved from the merging of an Engineering Consultancy (Herr Engineering) and Bruce Shaw, the largest firm of quantity surveyors and project managers in Ireland. They now have building surveyors stationed at their offices in Swords, Dundalk and Limerick offices and continue to expand both nationwide and in Northern Ireland. Our web design and marketing efforts continue to add value to the brand.

PDC Ltd offers services for both residential and commercial customers, helping in most instances of domestic property damages including storm, frost, flooding, water, lightning, smoke, burglary, riot and civil commotion, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, fallen trees, impact by vehicles, oil leaks and even earthquakes and subsidence.

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