Novartis Oncology - surgical video production

The Challenge

Instructional videos to educate on procedures for surgery.

The Solution

One Productions created an instructional medical DVD video production featuring Mr Malcolm Kell, Consultant Surgeon and senior lecturer at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, in which he performs six different breast surgery procedures while talking through the processes on a voice-over soundtrack.

The Results

Sponsored by Novartis Oncology and shot at the Mater Hospital over a period of 5 months, the DVD covers some of the latest, specialist techniques in the area. It has since been used extensively at medical conferences and been distributed widely in the surgery community. Their research approach is focused on discoveries within the study of genetics in cells and rational drug design, which involves identifying the structure of a tumour and developing medicine that will specifically target it. Novartis Oncology has over 120 collaborations underway with major biotech companies, over 280 with academic centres and more than 150 clinical trials in progress.

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