Travelling Roadshow And Web Video Competition

The Challenge

One Productions was approached by G.E. Money – part of G.E. Capital – to create an internet viral video for their ‘Rehearsing for a Loan’ personal loan advertising campaign. The concept of the viral video was to record members of the public quoting famous movie lines and to allow an online vote to decide upon the best performances.

The Solution

We filmed members of the public in shopping centres in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway over two weekends and designed a performance booth with promotional staff on-site. A total of 400 participants took part in the promotional video production. The clips were then edited and uploaded to G.E. Money’s website, and participants were informed that their performance could be viewed and voted for online. The prize of a trip to Universal Studios further encouraged participants to forward the link onto as many of their friends as possible.

The Results

The viral video promotion proved hugely successful, with G.E. Money Ireland winning an internal award for the campaign. So successful was the use of a viral video in promoting the loan scheme, that G.E. have decided to adopt it as a best practice procedure to be rolled out by the company globally. The client gave high praise to One Productions’ service, solutions and response times for such a fast-track project, citing our technological expertise and ability to overcome any legal obstacles that arose.

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