Which type of corporate video suits your needs best?

In order to best identify which type of video your company needs it is important to address a few questions. Who is the corporate video for? Is it for prospective new customers, existing customers or employees of the company or potential employees?  What do you hope to achieve with this video? Read on to find out which type of corporate video suits your needs best.

Getting the message across

Let’s take the example of a new restaurant in Dublin, they have been open six months and want to sustain their growth. The food is great and it’s a lovely place to relax. People who know about the restaurant love it, but it’s a bit out of the way. So they decide to show potential new customers the quality of the food and how nice a place it is. This company needs a mix of a product launch video and an informational video. They want to literally show people what’s on offer. On the other hand you could be the owner of an SME in a particularly crowded sector. Most of your business comes from the web and you need to get your message across and sell your products and services as quickly as possible so people make that step of picking up the phone. You need a video that is orientated around selling your products but more importantly selling the message of why a potential client should choose you. Or let’s say your company sells a product that is innovative and exciting. Do your potential customers understand the technology and more importantly the benefits? One of the main reasons people stick with their existing suppliers or ways of doing things is out of fear of disruption. You know that the product you offer can save them time and reduce costs, yet you are struggling to sell these benefits. You need a clever instructional corporate video to get that message across; you can help them to grow their business. A video that can get this message across in a short amount of time would be invaluable in this case.

Is it an advert or a video for your website?

Advertising is changing all the time and the lines have become blurred between traditional TV adverts and web based video advertising. Google is essentially a high street and a first page spot is equivalent to having a shop front on Grafton or Regent Street, without the extortionate rent prices. When this is considered it becomes clear that the future of video advertising is moving to the web. Give us a call if you want to know more about how video marketing can grow your business.

[youtube height=”400″ width=”600″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5NBp6ONxu8&list=PLDEE0353EFB09260E&index=9[/youtube]

This video gets a strong message across immediately. Its visual style sells a sensual and quality experience to the viewer and sends it’s message on an emotional level.

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