WAM (Willing Able Mentoring) DVD

The Challenge

WAM carry out work-placements for People with Disabilities – and One Productions documented this activity in a series of 2 DVDs.

The Solution

The first DVD explained the work placement process, and interviewed a whole range of participants, from the work placement participants themselves to the employers and HR managers of the host companies, to WAM operatives who implemented the process on the ground. The goal of the DVD was to capture the success of the experience, and to allay the potential fears of employers interested in signing up to the process. The second WAM DVD was based around a series of dramatic reconstructions – showing behind the scenes in a large company HR department before, during and after an interview and recruitment process. Treatment of disabled applicants was dealt with frankly and openly using dramatic reconstructions which would have been impossible with interview or with real participants.

The Results

One Productions developed, scripted, rehearsed, shot and directed all drama inserts. The inserts were cut with expert interviews on topics arising from the drama reconstruction – and interspersed with motion graphics displaying revealing statistics on the topic. As the project concerned the disabled community, both DVDs had full sign-language and subtitle options included.

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