Autumn Winter and Spring Summer Range Videos

The Challenge

Every year, clothes retail Giant Primark releases two major ranges, like all retail and fashion brands – Spring Summer and Autumn Winter. To replace the existing bi-annual meeting of all store managers to present and explain the new collection, Primark wanted to produce a range of videos that would replace this costly meeting, and leave a more lasting impression with it’s target audience.

The Solution

Twice a year, One Productions produces c. 3 hours of video content, localised into 7 different languages – and seen by Primark’s 68,000 employees internationally. Each range is produced on a DVD for distribution to the stores, and also on a “video card” – or video greeting card, so that it can be viewed by staff on the shopfloor, who have no computer or device to watch the content. The range videos contain presentations from each department, such as menswear, womenswear, kids, accessories etc. on new fashions, trends and products, together with information on release dates and in-store merchandising suggestions.

The Results

The range DVDs proved so popular on launch, with over 90% approval ratings from viewers, that the project was expanded in scope to cover all aspects of the business, every department and covers also strategy, initiative updates and merchandising messages from the leadership team.

The concept has now been expanded to include a Christmas release to showcase all the Christmas offerings. We’re not saying we have proof that they are related, but on the launch of the first Xmas DVD and videocard, Xmas sales went up 22% across the business.

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