Commemorating Rwanda with Izest

The Challenge

Create a commemoration of the Rwandan genocide in the style of the beloved TV show, “Reeling in the Years” that would highlight the indelible affect of the atrocity as well as the steps being taken by Irish charity, Bóthar, to alleviate the ongoing suffering in the country.



The Solution

It’s always a struggle to use an existing format to address new themes, more so when the theme is genocide. The key to pulling it off lay in getting the right archival footage and in the editing. We spent weeks combing various archives and getting the proper rights, then a longer-than-average period in dialogue with the client on the edit, fine tuning the timing to maximise the force of the emotional turning point, when the video swings from light entertainment, to heart-wrenching memories of atrocity. Audience testing was key in fine tuning the style and balance of the piece so it hit all right notes.

The Results

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