The Challenge

3 Arena, and before this, The O2, commissioned a building profile and walkthrough video to show to incoming productions and visitors.  The virtual tour showcased this renowned Dublin landmark with an engaging promotional video that brought the venue to fans.

The Solution

Film a comprehensive and fully realised experience of the building to transport viewers to the space. Everything from the entrance hallways, to the bars and merchandise stalls, to the arena itself. Whether it was the seating being assembled or the crowds filing it, One Productions captured everything to encapsulate the experience of visiting the 3 Arena. The final product was a start to finish walkthrough that didn’t leave a single detail out, and captured the feeling of being at an event in the 3 Arena with emotion and the sense of memories being made.

The Results

The video was a complete success, showcasing the 3Arena to fullest. A fun, lively and entertaining atmosphere was captured and edited into a true representation of the venue.

The balance of recreating a real experience that makes the viewer imagine themselves there perfectly conveys the incredible sense of being at the 3Arena in person. From sport to corporate settings, this type of promo video taps into the personal connections people feel with organisations, places and brands.

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