Video Content You Can Create For Social Media

Images have been dominating the social media landscape for a while. This isn’t surprising since they immediately catch the eye and are much more appealing than text content. However, videos can be just as effective to engage your audience.

Videos can drive tons of engagement on social media and may be able to help you gain more visibility. So, let’s take a look at how you can use video in your marketing strategy and the best types of videos to use.

Tips for Creating Amazing Social Media Video

Begin with a strategy: Before you start creating any content, first have a plan on how you’ll go about your social media videos. This should involve audience research, competitor check, ideation, content scheduling, budget allocation, and task delegation.

Keep your videos short & sweet: It’s important to keep your videos bite-sized and easy to consume while still providing value.

Make the first few seconds really stand out: The first few seconds are crucial because that’s when they’ll decide whether to continue watching the video or scroll down to other content.

Include subtitles: Adding subtitles will help non-native speakers and hearing-challenged users to easily consume your content.

Use natural light: Lighting will make or break your videos. And using natural light will help you make it!

Use external microphones: It’s wise to invest in good equipment, including microphones to ensure that you get to create high-quality sound.

Use royalty-free music: Before you add music, you must secure permission from the rightful owners or use royalty-free music. Otherwise, you can get into trouble with the platforms for stealing copyrighted materials.

Focus on the story: The storytelling part allows you to create a brand that resonates with your followers, so it’s important to create a personal connection with them and deliver a message that touches on their emotions. This will take your videos to the next level and give your brand even better results.

End with a Call-To-Action: When people reach the end of your video, they will want to know where to go or what to do next. And this is your chance to give them the answer. Leave the viewers with a purpose and encourage them to act on what you want them to do.

Optimise for different social media channels: Size and shape matter when it comes to social media visuals. Keep in mind the correct dimensions, orientation, video length limit, and other important specs of each channel. This way, you can implement it properly and according to the social network you choose.

Track the analytics: It’s important to measure and analyse the results of your video during and after the campaign period. Keep track of important metrics so you’ll know how many people are viewing, engaging with, and sharing your content.

What Kind of Videos Are Popular on Social Media?

Videos can drive tons of engagement on social media and may be able to help you gain more visibility.
Tutorials and How-to Videos
Product Demo Videos
User-Generated Videos
Interview and Q&A Videos
Event Videos
Behind-the-Scenes Videos
Promote Exciting Offers and Deals
Tell Relatable Stories

These social media video ideas can help you come up with brilliant and fresh content ideas for your social media strategy. Make the most of the examples and tips above to strengthen your social media marketing efforts and engage your audience.

Check out our infographic below which takes a further look into video content you can use for social media and look at some of our social media videos here.

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