If you want to bump your page up Google’s rankings, think about a promo video.

How does Google rank pages?

If you have a website that you want to be higher on Google rankings there are many factors to consider such as content, keywords, and search engine optimisation. Promotional video content can be one of the most important and lesser known ways to help bump you up because Google’s search algorithms need signposts to find their way to your site, and rich media content is one of their favourite ways of verifying your site as authentic.


Google’s core product is pretty simple when it comes down to it, and it has not  changed too much since the early days; they offer quality search results to you, me and Joe the plumber. The web is a big place though, so to ensure they can maintain the  quality of their product, Google engineers work very hard to make sure you don’t find  your way to a spam website, in your search for a Dublin-based video marketing company, for example.

Be authentic

So how to best achieve this communication with Google’s search bots? Simply put – quality, authentic content with pertinent keywords.

Everyone has  been on sites that are stuffed with keywords and as a result look almost like gibberish. Keyword stuffing is something Google frown upon and they have always emphasised that quality is the main factor in moving your site up the rankings. Yet keywords still have a part to play, especially  in promotional video production. Google analyses the first few paragraphs of every  page especially hard to  categorise the page. So a few carefully placed quality keywords that make sense in the context of the page or article can make a big difference in your rankings.

How does it work for video content?

When you embed a YouTube video on your page, Google will  analyse a transcript of the video for keywords and then use this to further refine analysis of your site. This is a fairly new development and is one that is a great incentive to get quality promotional videos onto your website.

A good video with an  accurate transcript of a well-written script that takes your sector’s keywords into account can make a huge difference to your Google rankings. With Google’s Hummingbird update to the search algorithm it’s not just a 3% use of keywords that it’s looking for – semantics have now been added to the mix, so do the keywords make sense in context? So again this brings us back to quality. Don’t just stuff your video  with keywords. Make sure you have a great quality script that gets your message  across concisely and with some style and you will see the results.

Google appreciates quality signposts. Promotional video production is one of the easiest ways to keep Google happy on this front.

Here’s an example of a promo video:

Newpark Music Centre’s promo has a great opening with relevant keywords in the first few paragraphs. The first thirty seconds has key phrases for Google to index: ‘Jazz’ – ‘Ireland’ – ‘Full-time’ – ‘Courses’. This helps Google to analyse your video and rank it appropriately.

There are many ways to use promotional videos on and for your website. If you’d like to find out how, contact us here.

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