Why You Need Video For Your Brand

Video content is king in 2021 with every social media platform now offering video capabilities to engage and retain audiences. How you use video for your online platforms is up to you however the number one thing for you to do, at the very least, is to start focusing on video content in some form. You’ll have heard it before that video is now the best performing digital content type and it gets eyes on your brand — regardless of the platform where it’s being viewed, video has exceptionally high numbers for engagement and consumption. Bottom line: there’s a reason why, in 2020, TikTok had more App Store downloads than Netflix, Messenger, Facebook, and Gmail.

Plan Your Content and Don’t Plan To Fail

While you most likely have marketing and social media strategies in place, your content might not be hitting the mark. The reason? Most often good content falls behind because of a lack of planning. While the cliché of failure to plan is planning to fail feels, well, clichéd, there’s measurable data out there from the Content Marketing Institute that 72% of B2B marketers attribute the success (which has increased annually) of their content to the development of a formal content strategy.

So where should you start if you’re not currently using a video content calendar or you’re not even sure how it might benefit your work?

Get started by reading our infographic below on How To Make A Video Content Calendar.

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