Eir Spider Awards Centra Live Well

Centra, via One Productions, has used video as a core pillar of  it’s “Live Well” campaign. The goal of the campaign has been to encourage consumers to make healthier choices and “live well” – through nutrition, exercise and proven techniques such as mindfulness and meditation. The campaign has so far, and continues to, smash its goals (details presented in other parts of this presentation) – primarily via the planned and extremely effective use of video and video content.

Below samples of the different strands of video that have been planned and used in this campaign.


Overview reel of the video “live well” activity.

Intro Videos

Each “block” of exercise videos lasts over 3 months – (3 months content comes from 1 video shoot) – and each block has an intro video to intro what will be covered over the coming 3 months, as well as each individual activity has an intro video to cover what will be covered for that particular activity. The intros were planned and shot to be as engaging and direct as possible to get people prepared for looking out for the next sets of exercise videos that were to come.

Exercise Teasers

In the third series of the “Live Well” exercises, full 15 minute exercises were shot – but were to live on youtube, rather than the customary facebook presentation. So facebook teasers were prepared to drive traffic and views to the 15 minute “exercise together” clips when they were released.

15 minute workouts

The goal of the 15 minute workouts was to have viewer exercise along with the chosen celebrity for this week – so in the time-honoured tradition of “exercise-along-with-X” workout videos, these videos were planned and shot and supplemented with on-screen graphics to make it as easy as possible for the viewer to actually exercise along with the on-screen celeb. The videos were supported with downloads and supplementary information.

Healthy Recipes

To support the “Live Well” message and campaign, an on-going series of health recipes were produced, using the well-proven “Tasty-Style” format to present a series of tasty but healthy recipes that would fit completely inside the “Live Well” initiative.

Healthy Convenience Meals

As well as recipes using ingredients to be found at Centra stores, also health convenience options were also featured via a series of many different healthy in-store options – shot in luxurious and premium food photography style.

Humour / Bloopers

Humour has been used in the form of bloopers from each of the “Live Well” rounds of filming, as the on and off screen interactions of the presenters has been captured and compiled into blooper reels – which proved extremely popular on social media, driving traffic and views for the campaign.

Events and Launches

Many specific “Live Well” events and launches have been covered over the course of the campaign, like this “Mr Motivator” launch – which engaged commuters at Heuston station, followed by an aerobics “dance-along” event. Individual infulencer videos are also generated from these events, ensuring hundreds of thousands of views from one single event.


The “Live Well” initiative also extended to Centra’s sponsorships, such as Action Breast Cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The message of survivors and ABC professionals in terms of both prevention and living with cancer was unequivocally to “live well” in terms of nutrition, exercise and attitude, and the video series, each profiling a different influencer, played a large part in gaining awareness for the core messages.


The “Live Well” initiative used video-led competitions to engage viewers. A start of an exercise activity was shown, and viewers were invited to enter in the comments on social media the answer to the competition – i.e. which team won.

"Mini" / kids versions

The Pat and Marcus interaction proved so popular – that “mini-pat” and “mini-marcus” were drafted in to act as the “mini” versions of the two. The mini-team did their own versions of the week’s challenge to act as teasers and drivers for the ongoing campaign.

Timeline Takeover videos for Facebook

The campaign was supported on Facebook via a series of “Timeline takeover” videos which were produced to appear as a series of facebook timeline posts interacting with each other – causing a double-take for viewers scrolling through them in the timeline and driving clicks, likes and attention to the campaign.