Digital Video Marketing:  Why today better than tomorrow

The web is always evolving. As it’s major player; Google tinkers with and improves it’s search algorithms and web marketing evolves alongside. Often changes to these algorithms open up new opportunities to evolve your business. It’s very useful to think of the first page on Google’s search results as a premium business address. Depending on the market you operate in, it may not be that crowded a street or it may be a very competitive space. As the search engines develop their refinement process the search results become more accurate. One of the hot topics right now in SEO is video. Vidseo if you will. As Google looks for more accurate ways to qualify web content it utilizes any new developments in the field and often does so before it’s competitors. A good example of this is Google’s push to use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) on all YouTube videos. This will be rolled out across the board sooner rather than later and is available as an option every time you upload a video. Digital video marketing is the a new frontier for business.

Quality Counts

What Google is trying to quantify is quality, a great example of how this is achieved is the relationship between High Definition video and search results. As Google analyses your video it takes into account whether the video is HD or SD. In doing so it’s possible for Google to assign a higher quality score to the video and the website that the video is embedded in. This is because Google owns YouTube and between them they can use viewer stats, bounce rates, video content (transcription and ASR), local information and more to move your video up in the Google video search results. As these are processes’ that are always developing this has created new, uncrowded advertising spaces for video. This will not remain the case for long. As with traditional first pages search results, companies will adapt to the changes and these spaces, or virtual high streets, will fill up fast.

What should I do about this?

Make some inquiries, search some of these topics and call some video production companies (including us) to find out more. Then act and get a HD video made for your homepage. Concentrate on the content of the script for the video. Have a look at the search results for your sector and work out your approach. And remember it cannot be said enough, quality counts.

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Il Caffe di Napoli has a great video here. The concept works on many levels and the video title is one that will work on a number of keyword searches.

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