Here’s How and When to Use Everything from Product Videos to Testimonials.

No matter what services your brand provides or what products you make, you already know the power of video in helping your company reach its goals. Video is engaging and flexible—you can use it to say, and show, just about anything you want.

So, as you plan your strategy and organize your content calendar, see how video can take your customers from asking “What brand is that?” to saying “I love them!”

Introduce your brand

The first step is to say, “Hello.” When making videos that increase awareness about your brand, it’s a good idea to focus on engagement, rather than sales. You can answer questions your customers have, give them information about your brand, and even have some fun. Take a look at this shareable video we made for Guinness:

This video is very product-focused, without being pushy. It’s fun to watch, and it answers the age-old question of how to pour the perfect Guinness. Other video types that work well in this part of the marketing funnel are things like informational videos and compelling brand advertisements.

Educate and explain

Now that they know who you are, it’s time to give your customers the information they’re craving. Whether they’re trying to solve a problem or looking for something completely new, you can be the trustworthy source of information they need. With How-Tos (like recipe videos), animated explainers, and more targeted TV ads, you’ll help them consider their options.

In this video we made for Centra, viewers are directed toward a variety of resources that can help them live healthier lives. The brand is present, but the focus is on the information being presented.

Show what you can do

So, your customer has most of the information they need to make a decision—that means it’s go time. Show them what makes your brand unique and better than the competition. This can take the form of testimonials, specific product videos, and brand videos that reveal the human side of who you are and what you do.

This video we made for the Dublin Diamond Factory hits a few of those targets. It showcases the people behind the brand who work hard to support their mission and standards. It’s totally focused on what makes them stand out in their market.

Keep them coming back

You’ve got the customer—they’ve bought your product or used your service. So, what now? Videos have helped you win their business, and it can help you turn that one-time purchase into loyalty. You’ll want to show them how your brand will continue to add value to their lives. Check out this example we made for Aer Lingus:

Here, Aer Lingus shines a spotlight on their customers. They listened to their suggestions, implemented the best ones, and celebrated with a special awards event. Other videos that can work similarly are company culture and behind the scenes videos (don’t be afraid to bring emotion into these), thank you videos, and future product launches.

Now, keep in mind, these rules are more like guidelines. They’re a great starting place, but don’t be afraid to mix things up and continue providing your customers with new, interesting video content.

Next steps!

With this info, why not organise a shoot with us and speak directly to your audience, and if you don’t have an audience, use video content to create one! Here’s your next steps below:

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