Video Production Service HelpSocial media has obviously changed the way in which companies market their products and services. Using these online platforms to get your message out there has been proven to be a very effective method. However, the material that is posted sometimes has to modify as well! That is why many marketing professionals have found that you can get a bigger impact when you don’t simply try to sell straight to your audience. Instead offer to help them and that in turn will market your company! Using points made by author Jay Baer in his latest book Youtility, it’s time to Help, not Hype. We decided to take this idea and focus it on a video production service and show that perhaps creating a corporate video may not necessarily have to be all about your company.

Help Now, Profit Later

Video production service is all about providing your clients with a message about who you are and how you can benefit them. But that might not be the only way to do it. The points made in Jay Baer’s book indicate that companies are now finding success in providing beneficial advice, tips and help to their clients. The companies that provide the help are not only getting new customers, but they are getting customers for life. The main idea is that because you helped someone with a problem now, then later on there is a good chance that person will become a client.. Simple, ain’t it!

Now the question of the day is: how can we put this ideology towards a video production service?

Helping Future Clients With A Video Production Service

Well, right off the bat lets stop talking in generalities and get into some examples shall we? Perhaps your company can provide an instructional videos on how a client might best solve a problem themselves! With Google at everyone’s fingertips, people usually attempt to look for the answer first anyway. What if your company provided a video production service with That answer for them? That way, when that person (or organisation) requires something that they simply cannot do themselves, who do you think they are going to contact? The company that stuck an ad on their Facebook page, or the company that went that little bit further and actually helped them in the past.

Help Can Also Be Fun

Now, these helpful videos don’t have to be something completely outside of your company’s comfort zone either. You can still keep your support within the parameters of what your service is. For instance, a local Italian restaurant started making a  Guide to Italian Food Names.  This cute little idea targets customers who are fans of Italian Cuisine, but it doesn’t necessarily attempt to drag them in the front door in such an obvious way.

The main point is to provide assistance to people for the small stuff. So that when they need something bigger, thats when your company comes to mind. In the end, anyway you cut it, helping out the future clients has started to become a very popular method of digital marketing. You don’t have to jump in head first into this new method of advertising. But, just for a moment, give it a thought. What kind of helpful thing do you think your company could provide to gain future loyal customers?

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  • Thanks so much for this terrific post. I LOVE the Italian food names example. Amazing!

    • Thank you very much! Your book, Youtility was an excellent read! Glad you liked the blog!