New Age:

In this age of ever expanding technology, people are bombarded with constant advertising and media that they either decide to pay attention to or ignore. In 2012, the average person’s attention span was just 8 seconds long.

When it comes to your brand, your target consumer needs to be informed about your product or service in a quick, informative, engaging and meaningful way. Video marketing is one of the best ways to get your message across. The biggest mistake brands make though is using poorly produced homemade video production.

Mistakes of Homemade:

Consumers can almost immediately tell when video marketing is homemade. That’s because most of the time, homemade videos end up coming off as poorly filmed, tacky and low budget. Save homemade experiments for your food, not your business.

Often brands do not have the experience or equipment to produce high quality video. With an inexperienced camera crew, non-professional actors and poor editing software and technique, a video can often do more harm than good.


When it comes to production, One Productions has proven their skill for the past 10 years in mastering video production. At One Productions we have all the qualifications to produce outstanding content for your brand. We have the best talent in Dublin who can work with you to produce the work you want. We have the latest equipment, contacts in the industry and will ensure that all the proper planning is completed.

We can hire actors for your film, scout out locations, create scripts/interview questions, shoot film on the latest HD equipment, edit visual and audio elements and create a stellar piece of art. We will work with you from pre-production to post-production and maintain the same level of attention throughout each phase of the process.

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