Video Marketing

Video marketing means that the right video is distributed to be seen by the right people, producing the right result for you in the marketing funnel.

You could have the greatest brand video in the world, but it won’t matter if you don’t know how to market it properly. With your video production completed, video marketing becomes a vital part of the process. One Productions can ensure your video gets the exposure it needs through our full video marketing services, including channel management, mobile optimisation, SEO optimisation, and video distribution. We are one of Ireland’s best known video marketing companies and we have worked with many well known brands on hugely successful viral video marketing campaigns.

Video marketing is now widely regarded as one of the best marketing tools that companies can use to win more business. As the online world changes, people are engaging more with video and it is important for your business not to fall behind.

By choosing to work with us for your video marketing needs, you will get the results you want with a sleek and innovative video.


Video marketing

By developing a video marketing strategy, you can use video as part of your plan to achieve results in different areas. Video is proven to increase consideration and favourability in audiences.


Branded content

Use branded content to support or lead a wider campaign across all channels – delivering measurable, results-focused marketing.


Video SEO

Ensure your video reaches the widest possible audiences with SEO tactics that improve visibility and sharing across the web.


Channel management

We design and setup your YouTube accounts and channels, including your playlists, subscribed content, SEO, etc.


Video distribution

Where to distribute your video is an important decision. We’ll help you choose your channels and ensure your video is correctly set up.


Graphic design

We ensure your message and your brand have a positive impact and are appropriate for your audience.



With wide experience in TV programming, we can help you work in this area by developing concepts and formats that work with your brand.



We bring interactivity to video and can make your videos interactive, clickable, shoppable and tailored to a variety of interactive platforms.


Media buying

Get the best price and placements for your brand advertising. We can advise on all aspects, ranging from format to demographics to KPIs.


Mobile optimisation

With more searches performed on mobile than on desktop, optimising your online presence for mobile is the only way to ensure your reach.



Print is a crucial arm of your marketing, encompassing elements such as packaging, brochures, POS items, publications, etc.