Video Marketing Tip MistakesVideo Marketing Tips: Leave Your Mistakes In!

Have you been thinking of making the jump to video marketing, but just don’t feel ready for it yet? Well, you’re certainly not alone! There are many companies out there that would like to start producing video content, but are just cautious about coming across as silly or unprofessional. This is certainly the attitude when it comes to guide videos or demonstrations. Here’s a video marketing tip: Don’t fear making mistakes!

Sometimes it’s just better to jump straight in, instead of sit around and contemplating it! Hell, I’ve recently shot something where I was in front of the camera as well. First hand account: It’s not easy. As well as that, there are also specific moments where I stumbled on a word and stammered a bit. These tinny, tiny mistakes seem so much bigger since they have been recorded. Even to the point where I considered reshooting the whole thing! But, I’m here to tell you that its okay to leave those things in. In fact, it can actually make your marketing much better!

To Err Is Human, Right?

You see, there’s nothing wrong about showing that you are in fact human.. We all make mistakes. Leaving those errors in can actually help your potential clients relate to you more! As video marketing tips go, I know this one seems a bit odd, but it certainly is true.

These days, companies can come across as being soulless mechanisms that only care about profit. You go to a website that features a flashy new logo, with bulletpoints of why you should trust them. You call a company and have an automated response machine that sends you through a labyrinth of options just so you can get the opening hours. Basically, a lot of times, the thing that is missing the personal touch.

It Can Make You Relatable

Actually, mistakes are usually not as noticeable as you think they are! While you may look at a minor issue and treat it as a big deal, other people will just let it pass on by and continue watching the video until the end. This is especially true if you manage to make the content engaging!

Making a video that features the actual people from your company can be very beneficial. It makes you relatable. But it is also why you shouldn’t fear making tiny mistakes in the production end of it. As long as the content manages to get your message across (who you are, how you can help them, how they can contact you), then please take this video marketing tip: don’t sweat the small stuff.

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