Once you’ve produced a video, the work isn’t done.   Perhaps the most important action in regards to your video is how it is distributed.   The impact of a video stretches beyond the product itself, and must be properly leveraged to reach its full potential – and to maximize results.   Effective video marketing will result in more views, and ultimately, more exposure to your brand.   Don’t have a clue about how to get your videos viewed?   Check out these three tips to reap the benefits of successful marketing.

Brush up on your SEO basics

Understanding how search engines work is one of the best methods for increasing views of your videos.   Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of affecting a website or webpage’s visibility in the organic results of a search engine.   Having video on your website is so effective because it ultimately increases popularity.   Search engines determine popularity through the amount of views a page or site receives, and how long is spent on a page.   A search engine determines importance based on popularity, and then ranks websites accordingly on the results page.   Video increases these popularity and importance rankings because users have been proven likely to watch a video, and thus stay on the page longer.   Other tricks to improve your SEO through video include uploading a video to multiple websites/social media outlets and embedding a link to boost the probability of viewers finding it.   Catchy titles, tags and keywords also enhance your content.

Keyword research

Posting a video without knowing what people are searching for is a missed opportunity.   Keywords are the building blocks of video SEO.   It doesn’t help to rank first on a search engine for phrases nobody is searching for.   To optimize video, start simple: YouTube is a good keyword research tool, as it is on-site video SEO for Google.   It can give you an idea of what people are looking for by searching specific words, and then noticing how many views were received to unearth related search queries.   Using analytics to discover what is sending people to your site or content is another great tool.   Even using “video” as a keyword has been shown to increase traffic, as viewers are especially attracted to interactive content.   Overall, effective keywords are a careful balance between high volume but less competitive tags to make sure your video doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Be compelling, and share it

Once your video is found, people generally choose what they view on first impressions.   So, your video needs to entice viewers before it is actually watched.   Start by creating a compelling thumbnail with clear composition that is representative of the video’s content.   Bright images attract more clicks, as do high-quality images.   In addition, the title and description needs to be appealing.   Having the title begin with the main keyword while still being catchy is often successful for increasing views.   The description should begin with the full address of the website you want viewers to go to after watching the video, followed by a brief summary including your keywords.

Following these simple guidelines will allow you to make the most of your videos.  Successful video marketing lies in leveraging your content and understanding the competitive market.

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