video marketing strategyVideo marketing isn’t just about producing a visual content and sticking it online for the world to see. Like any other type of marketing, it requires a strategy. Here are a few tips on how to start looking into creating a video marketing strategy!

Video Marketing Strategy Tips:

1. Identify who your Audience is – Sounds simple. But it really is the most important thing that you can do for your video marketing strategy. If you know who your audience is from the beginning, then you are definitely going to find the next steps so much easier.

2. Know Your Goals- What are the main objectives for your video marketing strategy? I mean, what are you looking to gain through all your work? Are you looking for brand exposure? Maybe your looking to drive more traffic to your website? Or perhaps your looking for a smaller bounce rate? Whatever the reason, make sure you have a full understanding of what the expected outcome is, in order to benefit fully from the strategy.

3. The Budget – How much do you actually have to spend? Knowing this will put absolutely everything into perspective. Now, you don’t need a big, expensive video for your marketing strategy to work. Maybe you have a much smaller, more effective idea for the production. Then you can dedicate your resources to promoting the actual video, instead of simply sticking it on YouTube.

4. Distribution Plan – Where are you planning on promoting your video? By now, you should know who the target market is. So, how do you plan on reaching them? There are numerous social media sites that can help your video marketing strategy succeed. Find out which ones are best for your company.

5. Check The Results – Once your video is up and doing the rounds, it is always best to keep an eye on how it is doing. What sites are proving to get it the most hits? Are people watching it until the end? Many of the video hosting sites allow for analytics to show you where you are succeeding and where you might want to amend, going forward.


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