Here in One Productions, we are very excited about two films due to be released next year: A Monster Calls and The BFG. But, among all this excitement, our editor, Brian, noticed some striking similarities between the two teaser trailers. Being the prankster he is, Brian set out to confuse us all by cutting the audio from the original trailers and swapping them.   Problem was it didn’t confuse anyone! See for yourself…

[youtube height=”480″ width=”385″][/youtube]
[youtube height=”480″ width=”385″][/youtube]

We thought the audio actually belonged to the trailers we were watching. This led us to wonder, are all movie trailers the same? From the music, which sends shivers throughout your entire body, to the imagery, captivating with you its fantastical effect?  And not forgetting, the narrator, who lures you in with a husky and alluring voice.

We cannot argue that all movie trailers are the same but what we do know is that all of these elements are part of an undeniable movie trailer formula which makes these two trailers interchangeable.

Editors of blockbuster films are perfectly aware they’re using the movie trailer formula. We are aware they’re using it! So why does it continue to work?  Because, the movie trailer formula creates a story.

Trailers are a shorter adaptation of the film they are advertising. They all possess a strong narrative with the famous three-act structure. Like all forms of storytelling, the beginning sets up the characters and situation, the second act introduces an event that the characters struggle through and finally, the third act reveals the resolution. But trailers are different in that they don’t show the entire resolution so that the audience are left wanting more.

Using this very same (undeniable successful) structure, you can create a marketing video for your brand that will have customers wanting more of your product or service.

So, if you want a successful marketing video, remember to:

  1. Identify a problem
  2. Suggest a resolution
  3. Leave your audience wanting more!

Remember, you don’t need the $100 million BFG budget to make your marketing video. All you need is an idea and a structure that works. We have provided you with the structure so now is the time to think up something creative that will have your customers wanting more from your business.

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