Health Video Production

Health video production and medical communication is by its very nature a sensitive topic. We understand this. In every communication the health and well-being of the patient or end consumer is our most important consideration, outweighing all others.

Public service messages, facilities and products are all there to improve the quality of life of the patient and our goal is to guarantee the quality and appropriateness of the communication.

Medical Video Production – Our approach

New media advances are allowing health video production and medical video communications to grow at an unprecedented pace. Digital advances have made possible a blossoming of new health resources online and on mobile.

Video production has become an excellent tool for communicating patient and service-user experiences in the form of testimonials and interviews.

This is especially useful for training videos, allowing the visual communication of procedures and information that might be very difficult to get across in any other medium. Medical video production, alongside traditional print communications, are allowing a new phase of health communications to reach out and enhance patients’ lives.

One Productions has already successfully completed major health communications projects.

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Who we’ve worked with

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A sample of our work

Rachel Ahearne from IBTS says:

“Creative input, timeliness, professionalism and patience. I would thoroughly recommend One Productions to interested third parties”

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