Did you know that job postings with video attract 34% more candidate applications? As the internet becomes increasingly dominated by video, recruitment videos are only going to become more popular. Check out the full infographic below for more information about the benefits of using video for recruitment as well as some tips on how to create a high-quality video that will be sure to attract top talent.

What Is A Recruitment Video?

Recruitment videos are often used alongside traditional job postings. They aim to supplement the job advert by providing information that may be difficult to communicate through words alone. Fun and engaging, these short videos tell the story of the company in a way that wows and entices potential candidates.

KPMG Internship Program

A video profiling the internship program at accountancy company KPMG

What Are The Benefits of Video Recruiting?

  1. Establish Your Employer Brand

  2. Recruitment videos give employers the opportunity to succinctly communicate their unique brand proposition to potential candidates.

  3. Sell Your Work Culture

  4. It can be difficult to accurately portray your work culture in a short written description. Video allows you to capture the atmosphere of a workplace in a way that resonates with job-seekers.

  5. Humanize Your Company

  6. Video offers a way to give an insight into the unique personality of your company and of your team. Put a face to the company by featuring interviews with the founders and staff members. This will also give a better idea of what kind of people would fit well into your team.

  7. Provide An Insider’s View

  8. A well-made recruitment video can help your company stand out in a sea of sameness by giving candidates an insider’s view. What’s more, the more information candidates have about your organisation, the more likely they are to apply.


Uploaded by One Productions – Video Production Dublin on 2018-11-03.

What Are the Different Types of Recruitment Videos?

  • Employee interviews
  • Virtual office tour
  • A day in the life
  • Animated explainer video

Use Video to Future Proof Your Recruitment Strategy

According to the 2018 Job Seeker Nation Study, 82% of candidates now search for jobs on mobile. Furthermore, it is projected that 82% of mobile traffic will be video by the year 2021. If the bulk of your recruiting activity is done online, video can serve as a wonderful way to appeal to mobile users.

What’s more, recruitment videos are more likely to connect with millennial candidates. When presented with an identical video and article, millennials are nearly four times more likely to watch the video than read the article. This is important because this generation will make up 75% of the workforce by the year 2030.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Recruitment Video Content


  1. Feature a diverse range of employees to humanise your brand and to reflect the company culture.
  2. Create several versions of the video to appeal to candidates from different professionals backgrounds.
  3. Demonstrate the traits you want in new hires.
  4. Include creative action shots that give an insight into the working environment.
  5. Do tell stories that underline your company’s values and how the job relates to the big picture.


  1. Go in without a strategy. The best videos are meticulously planned.
  2. Force anyone to appear on the video who doesn’t want to be.
  3. Forget to include key information about the job or the company.
  4. Use jargon or complicated language.
  5. Make it too long – aim to keep it within two minutes.

Newswhip Elaiza Datar E1

One Productions filmed a series of interesting promotional videos highlighting the unique experience working at Newswhip.

Don’t Forget!

  • Clearly indicate who your company is by subtly but clearly including your branding in the corner of the video.
  • Include a call-to-action by inserting a link to a webpage, form or email so viewers can quickly and easily apply.
  • Use analytics tools to monitor views, engagement, click-through-rate and drop-off so you can judge the effectiveness of your video and make changes if necessary.
  • If the budget allows, hire a professional team to ensure a high quality of video production and post-production.

  • recruitment videos infographic

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