Live event streaming is not a new concept by any means. However, with the advances in digital technology, the number of online audiences have grown  exponentially  over the past  couple of years. As more and more events are starting to be streamed over the internet, many companies have started looking into this latest trend to see what the benefits may be. We at One Productions thought it would a good idea to help out a little bit and create an infographic dedicated to providing the benefits of event streaming. So without further adieu please check out our latest infographic that helps showcase the benefits of this rising trend.

Live Event Streaming Infographic

Event Streaming Infographic

Whether it’s a cost effective way of reaching your target audience or simply raising awareness for your brand, as you can see, the benefits of live event streaming are countless. However, it must be noted that to truly avail of the online opportunities that this type of strategy allows, it is important that some  initial  marketing  of the event occur. Now this doesn’t have to be much. Simply invite your contacts to page that the event will be broadcast on and let them know the time and date. Or if it is more of an internal broadcast, then simply drop an e-mail to all the relevant parties.

If your looking for a much broader audience then  definitely  start spreading the word through the various social media channels out there. Build up a buzz. Let people know that this is an event that simply cannot be missed!

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