How a web video can help grow your brand: a  face to the name

People buy into brands because they feel an affinity with them. McDonalds, whatever you may feel about their burgers, were aware of this a long time ago and used Ronald to help build that affinity with the whole world. The reason Ronald is such a success at doing this is because he helps to put a face to the name. A well thought out promotional video can do the same for your brand and help people to get to know your company and its people. The biggest reason people will not buy your products or service is because  they simply do not know you.

Getting to know you

Often it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd in business. A company in Dublin can easily be competing for work in London or Tokyo. Unless you are unusually lucky you will have a number of competitors vying for the same business as you are. People are, underneath all, old fashioned, they want to see the people they are doing business with but thanks to telephones and the internet this is not the way a big percentage of business is conducted today. So a good promotional video that shows employees happy at their job, testimonials from satisfied clients and a message from the management can help to humanise your business and build a connection with potential new business. They can see that you and the people you work with are the same as them. This moves us back to a more traditional time when we knew the companies we dealt with and were used to building personal relationships with them. This is how a web video can help grow your brand.

Show – don’t tell

People are happy to buy a book or CD online, but if you are talking about engaging new clients for the long term you have to show them that you are committed to quality and service; and most importantly committed to helping them grow their business. The best way to do this is to show them that you are the same as them and that there is no reason to not give your company a try. A corporate video or videos on your site is the best way to achieve this goal. Don’t tell people why you are committed to their business – show them!

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