Hotel Marketing and promo videos: need not want

If you own a hotel you need to invest in a good quality promotional video as soon as possible, if you don’t have one already. If you do have one you need to consider ‘is it good enough’? Hotel marketing and promo videos now go hand in hand.

It all comes back to: quality counts

Why? Because you are competing in a global marketplace and the traditional ways of reaching prospects has changed for hotels more than any other type of business. Let’s say you own a Hotel in Dublin, you need to reach people all over the world and you need to give them the confidence in your hotel to get them to spend, over the web, with you. How are you going to achieve this? YouTube, embedded video, SEO and the more traditional routes are the most obvious. You can tell people all day long that your hotel is comfortable, in a great spot and is the best-situated hotel to begin a visit in Ireland. Prospects won’t believe it unless they see it. If they can actually get the essence of what makes your hotel the one to be in, then you are in with a fighting chance of winning their business. So how to go about doing this? A high quality promo video with a well thought out script is a very good starting point. If you are careful with the use of your keywords in the opening statements of your script you can reach people all over the world as this can improve your websites hit and bounce rates.

 What to consider?

What differentiates this hotel from its competitors? What is nearby that people thinking about visiting Ireland might Google search for? If you are near the Blarney Stone and you mention it in your script, then Google can begin to associate your video with the Blarney Stone and you can benefit from this. On average there are 40,000 searches a month for ‘blarney stone’ on Google. Any hotel in Ireland needs to consider these numbers. Extrapolate these numbers to include Ireland’s various attractions and it becomes clear that the future of Hotel adverting revolves around web video. Give us a call today and we can help you find out more about growing your business with a high quality and well-considered promotional video.

[youtube height=”400″ width=”600″][/youtube]

Brehon Hotel has done a great job of associating their business with a local attraction in this video.

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