Your clients are your best advertising.

One great type of video content to make sure to have for your website and your social media are client testimonial videos featuring your real-life clients. Seeing real people on video singing your business’s praises is the most reliable and creditable way of sharing your business and product possible.

It doesn’t matter what sort of business you have – you have customers. Hairdresser? Show your customer swishing their brand new ‘do. Architect? A walk-through of your most recent design will give new clients insight into your design aesthetic and how satisfied your clients are with their new home, office or space. App developer – show how your app changes the way they do life or business.

So, how do you get the best out of your client testimonial videos? You ask questions – the right questions. You dig deep and get to the heart of why they’re your customer, and not your competitors.

Here are just a few questions to bear in mind when creating client testimonial videos.

1. Tell us about our business

This might seem like an odd one to start off – asking your client about your own business, but what it does is explain your message, story and brand in the client’s own words – with no agenda behind it. No marketing speak, just honesty.

2. Tell us why you use us

This is when you get to the nitty gritty – why your client has chosen you. Is it the knowledge that you meet or exceed deadlines? Are flexible to the client’s needs? Are you the only provider of that specific good or service available?

3. What are the benefits of using our product or service?

Now they get to sing your praises – so let them. Here’s where they can wax lyrical about why you, your business or product is the best and why.

4. How has our product or service improved your day-to-day life?

Does it free up time for them? Can it help them in their business? Does it make life easier day to day? Whatever your business is or does, it’s a service or good that people use because they need it or want it. Find out why – and spread the word.

5. What challenges was your business facing (and how did we help?)

This is a great question because ultimately the client will be singing your praises for you – in the most organic way possible. Your client uses your products or services because they improve their life or business. That’s fact.

6. What would you advise other businesses facing similar challenges to you?

You’ll find this to be a question that will persuade new clients to come on board with you. Whether the answer is that you solved all their problems, or were reliable and always professional or that you provided the quickest service, these are all benefits that having appealed to one client, will appeal to another.

7. What did you learn by working with us?

This is a question that isn’t often asked of clients or customers, so is an interesting one. If they learnt something from working with you it shows that not only are you or your business solving their problems, you also care about educating and helping people along the way. For instance, if you’re a video production company, you might give insight into the reasons that video marketing is so successful and necessary and help your clients learn with a very informative blog post… Just for an off-the-cuff example…

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