Email maketing is not a new method of getting your business noticed. Not in the slightest. However, with all the new forms of advertising and marketing coming along (social media being the big one), email marketing is still proving to be one of the most consistent and successful strategies. This type of marketing allows you direct access to your targeted audience. The one obstacle that this form of  advertising has is the fact that people still need to click through to the mail itself. Thats where email video marketing comes in.

Email video marketing is a strategy that involves including a video into your email campaign (obviously!). There has been much research  developed  around the benefits of email video marketing. That is why we decided it would be best to design an infographic that can properly do  justice  to all the strengths that go with email video marketing.

Email video marketing

The Benefits Of Email Video Marketing

As you can see, Email video marketing is  definitely  a major addition to your email campaign. Especially when one of your main objectives is to keep your audience from opting out of their  subscription. For example, including a video in your newsletter can reduce the email opt outs by up to 75%. Now that is a figure that simply can’t be ignored.

So, what kind of video should you include in your campaign? Well, thats really up to you. A wide variety of options are at your disposal. Whether it is Product Demos or testimonials, find the style to fit your need and then lets put it into action!

Email marketing is still a trusted and proven utensil to your overall marketing strategy. Adding video into the mix simply makes your  campaign  stronger.

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