The safest way to shoot video today. Dropcam is a remote shooting service that lets us make you a high quality video without ever sharing a room with you. We take care of the planning, shooting, editing, and gear, all you need to do is tell us what you want. The kit is assembled in the space, fully disinfected, and then operated remotely from outside the room. The interviewer speaks with participants through the laptop via video conferencing. This affords maximum safety at a time when it’s needed most.

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Dropcam Benefits

What Dropcam gives you that a video conference recording doesn’t, is high quality, full colour, gorgeous looking professional video as opposed to the grungy-looking video conference style that we are all familiar with. Of course though, we can always do recordings over video conferencing software if appropriate to your project. 

21 Years Experience

Our Dropcam service is the culmination of 21 years experience in video production and a drive for innovation that’s woven into the fabric of how we do business here at One Productions. Our versatility, passion, and experience always shines through in our work.


We developed Dropcam as the safest alternative to traditional shooting on the market. By minimising interaction time and completely eliminating long periods spent with you in the same room, we’ve been able to significantly reduce any risk. If you want to produce high-quality live action video, this is currently the safest way to do it.

Person to Camera

Dropcam – A Detailed Look

View the video on the left here to see how Dropcam looks. Lighting, sound, laptop, and camera are all secured to a mobile desk and powered by one outlet.

Your Dropcam system and all components will be ready for immediate use when brought to your office, studio, home or set. Our technician will set-up the equipment, sterilise it, and bring it into the recording space.

Using remote transmission between the operator and the camera equipment, the camera can zoom, pan, tilt without the need to enter the filming area. The result is safe, contactless production and completely professional quality footage.

Why use Dropcam?

In an age where handshakes and standing within two metres of someone has become a thing of the past, our Dropcam kits have been designed with safety in mind. These kits will deliver high-quality results while still maintaining all appropriate social distancing guidelines as issued by the Health Service Executive of Ireland. This service is the only means through which shoots can be completed without human interaction and with the utmost safety.

Working with One Productions

At One Productions, finding innovative solutions to the demands placed on us has been our guiding principle. That’s why as soon as the world disappeared into lockdown, the cogs in our heads started turning. The result, Dropcam, a completely safe way of getting behind the camera again (just not in a literal sense!) Combined with 20 years of experience, we know we can deliver the results you’re looking for. We pride ourselves on our reliability. We plan out a project carefully at its initiation, so that there are no surprises for you, or for us, further down the line.