Corporate Video Production

22 Years Experience

We have the combined experience of a couple of centuries, and have planned and produced a range of projects in every sector. Whatever you are planning, we have probably done it, or similar, before.

Premium Quality

We are all about quality. We shoot on high end film and TV cameras, and our in-house production processes have been honed over the years to guarantee you the best of quality.

Outstanding Creative

We make sure your corporate video works hard for you by blending information, engagement and creativity to make sure your video reaches and converts the widest possible audience.

Our Corporate Video Work

We can’t show you everything we’ve done over the last 22 years by a long shot, but have a look at the video to the left here to see some corporate film and video work we’ve completed over the last little while…

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Why Invest in Corporate Video Production?

With increased volumes of video sharing online across all social platforms, corporate videos can be easily shared, increasing your company’s reach. Some of the key reasons to hire a video production company to do this for you include the following:

• Video as a medium, including corporate video, makes much more of an impact than plain text.

• Internet usage is on the increase and as a result, video has never been more important as an engaging content tool to attract and open a dialogue with your target audience.

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Video Production Services to achieve your communications goals

A corporate video on a company’s website is an excellent way to introduce the products and services available. It has far more of an immediate impact compared to plain text or images.

Often, your organisation’s production or delivery process is introduced in an overview, and an emphasis is placed on the value that your organisation will create for your prospective clients.

A well-made video puts you ahead of the competition, and allows you to achieve your communications goals with impact.

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Corporate Video Dublin & Ireland – What is Included?

A video production company would usually begin by introducing your organisation’s headquarters and retail or manufacturing facility, if relevant. Key spokespeople for your company would then be interviewed. Alongside this, chosen customers would provide testimonials detailing their positive experiences in working with you.

Video length and effort range from a minimum of a one day on-site shoot, to two weeks or more, depending on the scale of your company or organisation. We can arrange to shoot your corporate video in Dublin, or at an alternative location, depending on your specific requirements.

Types of Corporate Videos

Origin Story

Companies generate corporate origin stories to strengthen brand identification and instil a sense of shared history in employees. Origin stories can also be used to permanently imprint your brand on the minds of your customers and investors.

Employee Onboarding Videos

An employee onboarding video is used to familiarise new employees with the corporate culture/values, process, and other critical information.

Product Launch

A product launch video is a promotional video that announces the release of a new product or service. These videos can build interest in a new product as well as leads or sales.

Product Demo

A product demo video showcases the characteristics and functionality of a new product or service.

Video Case Study

Case studies in video share the story of how a consumer used a product or service to succeed.

Video Testimonials

A video testimonial is one in which a customer discusses their experience with a product or service.

Video Ads

A video ad is a promotional video that promotes a product or service. It might range from 15 seconds to 2 minutes in length.

Event/Conference Videos

Event Videos usually tend to be compilations or recaps of the event the company hosted or participated in. They are an effective way to build company culture.

And Much More

If you require any other type of corporate video for your brand/company at One Productions, we are more than happy to provide our corporate video services.

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Corporate film and video is the ideal way to showcase and introduce your company and its activities. At One Productions, we have produced hundreds of projects over the years and we can guide you through the process very easily.

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