As we’ve explained in plenty of previous blogs, corporate videos can do wonders for your business. However, that’s only if you get it right! A video can be the difference between getting a new client and missing out. There are multiple pitfalls that could derail what should be a great video.

1) Lack of Professionalism

It’s understandable that you might want your company to come off as casual and cool – especially if you’re targeting a younger audience. But if you’re a B2B company, you have to create a different image for your company. Potential clients and investors must be able to trust you. You don’t need to portray competence; you need to portray excellence in a professional manner.


2) Inconsistent Tone

It’s okay to have a laidback tone in the video, and it’s okay to have a business-like tone in the video. However, if your tone is all over the place, then it’ll confuse people. Make sure you nail down your company culture and the image of the company you want to convey early on in the development process. You can make it fun or make it serious, but always make it consistent!

3) Misrepresenting Your Company

This should be an obvious one, but it happens more than you’d think. Essentially, look at how competitors in your industry portray themselves, and also look at how your company portrays itself. If you’re a quirky, cutting-edge tech start-up, then don’t show all your employees wearing suits, speaking in overly-serious, technical sentences. If you work for a law firm, don’t show your employees in their everyday clothes, hanging out and playing games in the office. There are different expectations for different industries – follow them within reason, or it could cost you in the long run.

4) Making the Video Strange, Ambiguous, or Indirect

It’s perfectly fine to try something different with your video, it’s what many of the best companies in the world do. Particularly if you can create a video that goes viral, it can work wonders for your company. However, if you try to make your video unnecessarily artistic or abstract, then it simply won’t work. Don’t put anything in your video that stops it from fulfilling its purpose, i.e. explaining what your company does and what it’s about.


5) Boring or Obvious Content

On the other side of the coin, you don’t want your video to be too boring or obvious. People just talking to the camera about how great your company is won’t knock people’s socks off! Try and mix things up. Your goal is to make sure that viewers will be thinking about the video for hours after they’ve finished watching it. And remember, it’s a corporate video, not a sales pitch. Don’t try too hard!

So there are five key mistakes that can be made in a corporate video. There are other potential mistakes to be made, but as long as you avoid these mistakes, you should be just fine! So keeping these tips in mind, go and make the best corporate video that you can!

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