Corporate video is an effective and efficient way to promote your business.   While a corporate video is generally intended for a specific purpose in a corporate or B2B environment, its reach can expand far beyond your company.   Video is becoming ubiquitous in corporate marketing, due to current video trends and the diversity of formats and uses.   Corporate video production, among many other things, can emphasize a corporate message, communicate with employees or provide consumers with information – promoting your business internally and externally.


There are several video trends that can’t be ignored in order to maximize the success of corporate videos.   Video marketing continues to be on the rise.  A recent article by media expert Danny Groner explains the phenomenon in just a few words with, “New Business Reality: Video is Vital.”   The future of marketing lies in social sharing and viewing, bringing a new importance to the meaning of video production for corporate entities.  Fifty-four percent of marketers said that in 2013, they would be investing more in video (   This increase means more competition, especially for attention.


Corporate video can be used for both internal and external communications.   Perhaps the most relevant aspect of corporate video is its ability to explain or demonstrate a complex concept through instruction or promotional videos.   Zappos, the online shoe retailer, reported that they sell anywhere from 6-30% more merchandise online when products are accompanied by a demonstration video, showing the power of visuals.   Internally, a video can provide training to employees.  An introduction video can give your corporation a personal face, while company messaging provides a clear and consistent message – for those inside and outside the workplace.   Video advertising, as stated, is becoming increasingly popular because of its effectiveness.   Testimonials, event recaps, webcasting and demonstrations are just a few categories of video promotion.   According to data from trend-tracking firm comScore, consumers watched more than 11 billion video advertisements in October 2012, tying an all-time record for the most online video advertisements watched in a month.   Many expect 2013 video ad consumption to reach 12 billion per month.


Video content is recognizable, as many platforms are text-heavy – especially the Internet.   Because of this, the web is perhaps the best source to utilize corporate videos.   Not only have peoples’ consumption of video increased, but audiences have grown to prefer it on the web.   Video ads now have a higher conversion rate than traditional forms of advertising, turning viewers into committed customers.   Success on the Internet lies in how videos are leveraged.   Video can be shared through social media networks, blogs, email marketing and more.   Using proper SEO techniques with your corporate video will further extend its impact.   Titles, tags, multiple websites and keywords entice viewers to click through your media, ultimately enhancing your SEO.   The usage of video extends beyond your corporation’s one-time effort of production, as it continues to produce views, sharing and traffic to your site.

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