What’s the big deal with video content? Isn’t it just another way to distract people from the real business of checking out your business’ website?

If that’s what you think, well, do we have some talking to do.

You may think to yourself that there’s no need for your particular type of business to have video content because it’s… *insert reason here*. But we’re here to tell you that not only does your business definitely need video, you’re missing a vital trick by not having any on your website.

What’s the story?

You’ve probably heard by now, or at least know yourself, that humans love story. A good yarn. From sitting around caves to sitting around campfires to sitting around the television, humans have always gravitated toward stories to connect with and learn from each other.

So, what’s the best way to engage with your customer or potential customer? Story. And what’s the best way to tell your story succinctly and visually? You got it – video. Not only that, but short videos are inherently shareable meaning they’re perfect for distributing on your social media channels and creating off-platform engagement with your brand.

Additionally, the possibility of adding rich media content to your website gives you extra opportunities to add valuable keywords and meta data to your videos, meaning your content is even better placed to reach people.

What video content should I have?

So, where do you start with video content for your website? There are many ways – you could have a video explaining a tricky part of your business to make it clearer for people to understand. You could have a video introduction to your team – to show the friendly faces behind the brand. You could showcase big events or wins for your business such as awards you’ve won or case studies of ways you’ve solved your clients’ problems or challenges.

A good idea to keep on top of video content is to create a video content calendar that makes sure to hit all the big days you want to celebrate with your customers such as Christmas, Easter or the bank holidays.

It’s all about your voice – and your brand

Ultimately the biggest benefit of video is that it’s a way to capture your business’ unique voice and to tell your brand’s story. It lends credibility to your business and the people within and is the easiest way to share your message and company ethos.

What’s that you were saying about video being a flash in the pan?

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