At One Productions we always find it amusing when people are amazed at just how much work can go into a simple video. When we see an interview video online or on TV, it is always very clean and simple looking.. Thats the point. It can take a lot of fine tuning (and some quality equipment) to get to that final stage. That is why we have decided to build a quick infographic dedicated to this point. We call it The Anatomy Of An Interview Video.

Anatomy of an interview video

Interview Video

As you can see, the Interview video itself can have a lot going on. Just on the lighting alone, it can take a bit of tweaking just to get a clean and proper image of the interviewee. The main point of the process is to make it look effortless. It has to give the impression that we have just sat down for a conversation. However, if any of the points above aren’t coordinated properly, it creates an imbalance in the force in the interview video, which can take away from the key reason that we are watching it: To pay attention to the interviewee.

Now, it must be said, that this infographic sketches out the very basics of an interview video. Other variations may be on offer. But instead of getting too far into the complexity of the process, we thought it would be best to strip it down and highlight the main factors. Or is this complex enough?

So, what do you think? Is this the way that you might construct your interview video? or is there an alternative method that you have found success in?

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