You know how important video is as a form of content. You’ve even made some great videos for your business website. You know you need to make some more.

But you’re stuck.

You’re not sure what else you can do – or how you can do it.

Don’t worry – we got you.

Here are seven types of slightly unusual types of video you can definitely try for your next corporate video shoot. Of course, every video might not be quite suitable for your business, depending on what that is, but you can use it as a jumping off point to get more creative in your corporate videos.

  1. Favourite customers videos

In this video, you get your staff to talk about some of their favourite customers or clients that they deal with regularly. It will be warm-hearted and be good both for your company and your clients.

  1. Highs and lows of the business

This is one for the executives in the company, or perhaps the owners. Business is tough – everyone knows that, and bringing a personal story of your businesses struggles (which you’ve now overcome, of course) shows your clientele (and competition) that you’re here for the long haul.

  1. How not to use your product videos

Similar to the videos done by Blendtec who show their blenders blending things that absolutely should not be blended such as iPhones, you could do a series of videos of your product being used in the wrong way. Now, this will only work with certain products, of course – but if you think you could make funny videos in this way, go for it.

  1. Before and after videos

This type of video is great for showing the evolution of a solution. Before your team starts a project you get their thoughts on the problems and how they can be solved, and then when the job is done, get their thoughts on how it went. It goes without saying, this type of video should be highly positive in tone – not that you can’t have problems along the way – but the point of this is to prove to clients that you solve their problems well.

  1. Why I love my job

This is a compilation video showing a number of your employees talking about why they love their job. An angle that can mean recurring videos would be to focus on different people talking about the same project – so a sales person, a creative, a developer, or whoever is involved in it. In this way, every time you have a really cool video you can create something similar which will act both as a ‘why I love my job’ and a case study for the client.

  1. ‘This is…’ (A day in the life)

‘This is Jane, she’s our Marketing Director. Here’s what a day in her life is like.’ This is somewhat more of a personal video, as the best way to do it is literally take a day in her life, starting in Jane’s home and taking in her commute and following her around the office or business. Obviously you’ll need to find someone who’s happy to have that level of access to their life, and who is naturally charismatic.

  1. Post-Conference feedback

If you’re doing an event it can be very interesting to grab people just after and get their thoughts on what they saw and heard, seeing if there are any common themes or praise cropping up. People tend to be very enthusiastic coming from an event so you’re likely to capture a lot of that energy on screen, and add to it with dynamic editing.

So there are seven slightly unusual types of corporate videos to consider next time you’re thinking of creating some new content for your website or social media. Let us know if you’ve any m

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