7 Questions to ask your Production Company


IDEA1. What ideas do they have?

 So you want to make a video. You have a few ideas of the general direction of the video, but you would like more ideas or feedback.  The chances are that the production company have created or have watched a similar idea that would be perfect for your business. Meet up and discuss the possible ventures and see what great minds can pool together. This teamwork will also show if you want to work with this particular production company.


2. Do they fit your budget?

Depending on what you want, video production can be expensive. Be realistic when you are creating a plan and applying a figure to that creativity.  Expensive videos can be expensive, but cheap looking videos can be expensive too, so make sure to do your research of the price matching the quality. Remember quality comes at a price, so try to strike a balance between quality and cost.


download (4)3. Can they deliver for your deadline?

With video production being a busy sector at the minute, it’s always a great question to ask your production team, how long does their production time take. If you need the video before that, ask them can they do it for an earlier deadline. Most companies are more than happy to work around their usual schedule and get a high quality video ready for their client on schedule.


4. What is their experience?

 Do not be afraid to ask what the company’s experience is. They may redirect you to their website, to their youtube account or send you samples. From this you can see that they are qualified and that they have the expertise to give you what you want. You may even get ideas from their samples.


download (2)5. What’s my role?

The role of the production company completely depends on the role you take. Some clients prefer to come up with the storyboard or the script themselves. Some prefer to edit, where as others completely leave the project in the hands of the company. So, sit down and discuss what will work out best.


6. What other services do they offer?

Instead of dealing with a lot of separate companies for video, graphics, marketing and social media, ask your company what services they offer. More than likely they will be able to offer you more help than you think. It will save you time, cost and dealing with a lot of people, companies and bills.


images (2)7. How will their content make me unique?

Your business is in a competitive sector with loads of other companies in the same area? Well then, you are going to have to create something original and unique. It is your video, so don’t be afraid to have input. Show your production company your competitor’s material. Be daring and aim for originality.  

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