5 tips for your Pinterest Business Account


Verify your site  pinterestdownload

Verifying your account not only makes you look professional, but it also confirms that you are the owner of both the website and the Pinterest account. This adds to the trustability of your brand and of your company. After you verify your domain, you have access to an analytic dashboard. It’s nowhere close to the standard of the analytics at Google or Facebook, but it is a start for your business to see how many people are repinning your items.


Use specific and descriptive folder names

With Pinterest being based on visual elements, the only parts that have text are the title and description of the boards. The more specific you can make these folder names the better, so that other users of the site can locate what they are looking for quickly. An example of what we do at One Productions is we have different folders for different shoots.


pinterest3downloadLeave the  credits where they are

If you have photographs or pictures with your brand’s logo or your name at the bottom, you wouldn’t want people removing the credits. If you have re- pinned other people’s material, make sure to leave the credits in. If someone is interested in finding out more about the pin, they can trace it back to the original owner’s site. This way you’re being helpful to everyone involved.


It’s all about interaction

One of the most important aspects for businesses in social media is connecting with their customers on a more personal level. Why not ask your customers to pin their favourite product or ask them to like certain photos that they enjoy. Like any other networking site, it’s vital to reply to comments and queries that are left by potential customers.


bf77152f25046c6047f5ae6293ede466Link back to your website

It’s a simple concept that a lot of Pinterest users forget about. At the bottom of your product, make sure to paste a link to your website. Users on Pinterest are looking for ideas or inspiration when looking at various boards. While they are looking for these ideas, why not direct them to your website. They can have the option to be inspired and to purchase your product, converting a browser into a customer.



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