There are many different types of corporate videos – from case study, to recruitment or company culture style videos – but they have one thing in common.

Long before the camera ever starts rolling, all these videos have been carefully thought about – what their objective is, what their impact will be, and how they will help spread your company’s message. Another aspect of the production of a video that must be well thought out is the video script. Without a solid script outlining exactly what you want to happen your video will be almost impossible to shoot, edit or produce.

To help you write your corporate video script, here are five tips to get you started. And here’s a video script template for you to check out: Video Script template.

  1. Be brief – and write one too

As with any piece of visual work, you start with the idea. All those things you wanted to track and manage need to be thought about and incorporated at this early stage. The best thing to start off with is a video brief which will tell the production company you choose why you’re making this video, what your objectives are, who the video is aimed at – whether it’s for internal or external comms for example – all make a difference in the style of video you create. Basically everything you want in the video – get it down on paper.

  1. What’s the story?

Your video should incorporate a number of key core messages (or even just the one) and the best way to get your message across is by telling it as a simple story. You need to engage your audience and it’s well known by now that people respond to story – we’ve been telling them for thousands of years, after all. Your story doesn’t have to be complex or involved, just a beginning, a middle, an end and a clear call to action at the end of the video.

  1. Speak to your audience – and solve their problems

The point of all communications to your clients whether visual or written is to show them how you can solve their problems, not tell them how great you are. They’ll know you’re great when you fix their issue, don’t worry. Similarly keep the buzz words and technical jargon to a minimum. You’re talking to a person through your video, so remember to write like that throughout your script.

  1. Use your words – and more

It’s important to remember that video is a visual medium and if you’re new to scriptwriting this can be a hard thing to master – which is why hiring a production company with a scriptwriter can be of great benefit. However, to get you started, a video script is essentially two columns with voiceover (anything that a narrator will say) on the left  hand side of the script and all visuals on the right hand side of the script. Any text or graphics you have will be written frame by frame on the right hand side, with corresponding VO written frame by frame on the left hand side column.

  1. Polish it

Now you’ve written your script make sure to read it out loud a few times, listening carefully to how it sounds. It’s important to hear how the voiceover will sound – does it seem natural, stiff, or forced? If you’re using words  you wouldn’t normally in speaking to a friend, try and replace them with more day-to-day language. Remember to keep an eye on pacing and flow, and a general rule is that short and sweet (and to the point) is always good in all forms of communications.

Now you’re ready to shoot your script. Whether you do this in-house or hire a production company to help you, this script is the first step to creating a great video.

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