Video marketing is changing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. With new video platforms and new social media websites being introduced regularly, companies have to stay on top of trends to create brand awareness among 18-35 year olds, the most sought-after demographic. So let’s take a look at 5 current trends in video marketing.

1. 360 Videos

360 videos are one of the most exciting and interesting forms of media currently being made. In case you don’t know, the video literally allows you to rotate the shot 360 degrees, showing you everything in the room where the video was filmed. This video form has mostly been used for creative endeavours, the most famous examples being Conan O’Briens 360 interviews at Comic Con, and Bjork’s video for Stonemilker. But there is a lot of potential for companies to create engaging, unique advertisements with this feature.

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2. GIFs

GIFs have become extremely popular on social media, thanks to being versatile enough to apply to any situation. GIFs are usually taken from pop culture and memes, but are now often used as a means for inside jokes between companies and their followers, or to show off products. Restaurants show GIFs of their best dishes being made, car companies show their latest vehicles in action, and TV shows post mini-highlight clips from their latest episodes. But they’re mostly used to make followers laugh – which guarantees shares!











3. Whiteboard Videos

While hand-drawn videos have been around for a while, they really reached a new level of popularity during the YouTube Draw My Life crazy, where famous YouTubers would give their audience short, hand-drawn autobiographies. These often got millions of views, and marketers around the world took notice. Now whiteboard animation commercials are so popular that several companies specialise in them, with the likes of eBay using their services.

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4. Live streams

More companies than ever are live streaming events, whether it’s through Facebook live, YouTube, or periscope. This has especially become popular in the world of sports, with Sky Sports often streaming live interviews, Q & A’s, and even the occasional match. Streams tend to be used for once-in-a-lifetime events that people want to see live, such as Felix Baumgartner’s jump from space, which was sponsored by Red Bull.

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5. Snapchat

Snapchat is the newest addition to this list. Released in 2011, the social app quickly spread among students, allowing them to send each other mini-videos that would only be viewable for a short time. Since then, the app has been downloaded millions of times in 20 different languages. The app is so popular that brands like Gatorade and Dominos have their own Snapchat accounts, which they use to share funny and interesting videos with their customer base.

So there are five current video marketing trends you can apply to your business. But get in on these ideas quickly – the whole landscape of video marketing might change completely in a year’s time!


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