Government or Public Service Communications- Changing minds, changing lives

In commercial communications, the behavioural change sought is to steer public opinion down the marketing funnel towards a purchase. Government service communications, on the other hand, focus on changing people’s behaviour in order to improve lives and have a positive effect on the community at large.

Public communications strive to improve public health awareness, decrease road-traffic deaths, and contribute to the growth and enhancement of society.

Communicating for Accountability

Traditional methods of public reporting, such as printed annual reports, are giving way to new media in the form of video production clips and digital releases. In keeping with the highest requirements of public accountability, this process involves ongoing communication and a two-way dialogue with the public.

Cut-through is everything

Irrespective of the altruistic nature of public service communications and their desire to act in the public interest, these messages must still stand out from the crowd when placed alongside commercial messages. Otherwise the media spend will have all been in vain.

Both in brand and in message content, One Productions ensures that public service communications compete effectively and hold their own when placed head to head with their commercial counterparts. Whether in the form of video production, web design, print or graphics, One Productions will ensure that your message stands its ground in a world of media noise.

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