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For organisations, non-profits and the public sector, transparency and education are the most crucial element of any communications campaign. The role of video in these cases is often to inform and inspire in equal measure. These types of projects require prudent budgeting, and must take account of the specific processes, regulations and challenges of the sector in question.

Our approach

How to make your offering stand out? The choice of one educational institution over another one is a complex one. What should one prioritise? Is it about the college’s international reputation? The facilities on offer? The culture it subscribes to? The social life? The ethos and philosophy underpinning the institution? The academic results? The academic certification? The quality of the teaching staff? The location?

All of the above and more are undeniably important.  But most of all,  it is how you present yourself that counts.  Do you know your target audiences well enough to present them with exactly the answers they are looking for, in an easily-digestible format?

Content is king

…and you have lots of it. But you have to make sure your content is getting captured in a format that will engage and persuade. A brochure, prospectus and website – though still essential, are now not enough. Do you have your video in place? How is your ongoing web content and social media? Are you advertising?

And professional training?

Professional and on-the-job training has embraced new media and with good reason. Putting lecture material on video, text format and digital questionnaires has changed the face of professional training, with the web allowing connections and virtual classrooms to be built that never existed before. One Productions can deliver all your content needs under one roof.

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Colleen Dube from Fulbright says:

“Boundless energy, creativity, efficiency, professionalism and patience. I recommend them for any creative collaboration you might be considering.”

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