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One Productions created the video production for the Thomson Foundation’s three-day conference for journalists on reconciliation and war reporting at the Glencree Reconciliation Centre in Co Wicklow, which included public talks, networking and closed project sessions.

Chief amongst the guest speakers was Robert Fisk, Middle East correspondent for the UK Independent, who spoke of governments’ overuse of the word ‘terror’ in shaping the dialogue surrounding media coverage of war and conflict reporting.

Then Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin also spoke eloquently of the role journalists have to play in deepening understanding of conflict while reporting on situations of violent conflict. As Mr Martin said in our conference video:

“You identify that common thread of humanity that makes us empathise with a woman fleeing atrocities in Darfur, a young soldier on his way to an uncertain future in Iraq or Afghanistan, or a Palestinian child sitting in the rubble of his school. And beyond empathy you encourage and indeed shame us into action on behalf of our fellow citizens.”

Marie Crawley, former Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition member, also discussed the under-representation of women in politics, while seeking to redress this gender imbalance.

Also among the attendees were representatives from Azerbaijan and Armenia, all of whom analysed the complex relationship between the media and conflict resolution.

Sabrina Jafarova, Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Azerbaijan, found it especially useful to learn from the experiences of journalist from different countries around the world.

Oksana Musaelyan, Arminfo News Agency in Armenia, praised the exchange of views and opinions at a rare occasion for media experts and journalists to be together.

For over 40 years, the Thomson Foundation has been at the forefront of global media training and development, offering courses and workshops led by hands-on professionals, spanning all aspects of traditional and emerging media.

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